On the move


Even though the Littlest doesn't walk yet, that doesn't stop him from getting around... fast! He is not one who likes to sit still for very long. I can't imagine how much busier our lives are going to get when he finally does start walking... and running!

Tyler is feeling under the weather, so for the last two nights Soren has been my only dinner date. Yesterday we had blueberry banana pancakes, and tonight we had home made macaroni and cheese with ground beef. He sits in his highchair while I make dinner, and then I set out two places for us at the table. We each get a big glass of water - his with a straw, which is his favourite thing these days. He drinks SO much more water through that straw than he ever would in a sippy cup. Who knew? I didn't know he would even be able to figure out how a straw works!

These pictures are from this afternoon before dinner. The pups were so jealous that Soren figured out how to get outside!! It's hard to get pictures from the front now, since I always feel like I am chasing behind him!

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