Guilty Pleasure


So, I'm not that into TV. I like watching some HGTV shows, the occasional drama, and maybe a Bachelor every once in a while. I don't really get into very many shows to the point that I will watch several episodes in a row. However, I recently discovered Gossip Girl and I am in love! Yes, it's pretty trashy and yes it is about high school students...which is a little sad in itself considering I will soon be 30. But there is something about the show that I absolutely adore. I'm not going to say I only watch it for the fashion, because while that's partly true it's not my only reason. I just like it:) A great night for me involves a glass of wine and an episode of Gossip Girl. I will continue to drool over the outfits and wish I were summering in the Hamptons (at age 17).

p.s. - I am a total Blair fan!

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Kathleen said...

GG was a show I did not think I would like - but then decided to watch it on Netflix because they had all of the seasons and it became a guilty pleasure fast! Enjoy the show!