Good things about work


There are definitely some good things about work - like after work drinks! I went to a new wine bar after work today and enjoyed a 'flight' of wine. Great idea to get 3 small glasses to try, along with descriptions of each one. 

Another great thing about work is shopping on my lunch hour! Today I was lucky and got to meet up with my husband and the Littlest for a visit. First, we went to a children's store and got him a pair of 'Tiny Toms'. Sooo cute!! I love them, and am considering getting myself a matching pair. I like the red ones though. After shopping we went to a little restaurant for a very quick lunch. Soren spotted a muffin as soon as we were in the door, so he was thrilled. That kid is a crazy muffin guy. I also tried to nurse him quickly, which was awkward. I kept thinking people from my office were going to walk in... even though we were covered up. Mixing baby time and work is kind of an interesting balance. I don't want to bore my colleagues with baby stories all day, or make them think that I can't handle my job. For the most part, when I leave the house in the morning I feel like I am switching off the 'mom' me, and switching on the 'work' me. I love switching back to the mom me when I get home at the end of the day!! 
After Soren went to bed I headed to Old Navy and Joe Fresh to look for a pair of cheap jeans. I am convinced I can find a decent pair without spending $200... but I think I've been looking for almost a year now! From the amount of time I have spent on this quest, I should have just paid the $200 in the first place. I bought a couple of things (no jeans), and then logged on to the Old Navy site when I got home. There is 20% off Online purchases only today, so I checked how much the pants I bought would be online, and realized I could save myself $12! Anything you order online from them you can return in store, so there's really no risk. I bought the exact same pair of pants online, again, and I'll return the pair I got in-store. I finally picked up a new nail polish (Essie Lilacism), so I am off to paint my nails! 

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Anonymous said...

Nice saving tip. Also - the bay online has free shipping over 100$ or over $45 if you use an HSBC card.
You should look at some of the top shop stuff online from the bay - you can return in Store in Winnipeg :)