Friday faves - Books, Bikes, and Coffee!


Short weeks are the best. Tuesday feels like Wednesday, Wednesday feels like Thursday, and then suddenly it's Friday already! It's been a good week, but as always I'm happy for the weekend to arrive. The forecast is calling for rain, so I anticipate some baking, story reading, and cuddling time with the Littlest. I saw this book at a friends house a few weeks ago, and knew I had to get a copy! The illustrations are amazing, and the story lines are really cute. There is also a Paris book, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, and quite a few others. I think it would be a nice collection to start for Soren.
In adult reading, I picked up a couple books at the library this afternoon that I am excited to start in on. I was in a book club for about a year, but somehow the club kind of fizzled. It was fun, and nice to get together with a fun group of girls once a month. We were a very informal book club, which may have led to its demise. We were not organized enough to plan the next book, the next date, or decide who was hosting. I read the book Room a few months ago, and found it fascinating. It was a bit sad, but so interesting to think about how we perceive the world around us.
I have been failing at my Resolution to work out three times per week. By the time Soren is in bed it's 7:45 or 8, and it's tough to drag myself to the gym. If I do make it there, it means that I've chosen to ignore the laundry for another day or put off cleaning the bathroom. By the time I get home, after 9, I'm unlikely to jump into a household chore. Which means the house is a mess... which I hate. It's a tough cycle, and I feel like I'm craving exercise after a long day of sitting at the office. While I was on maternity leave it was so easy to be active, because I barely ever sat down! We went for hour long walks at least once a day, and I was constantly on the move. I'm thinking about riding my bike to work a few days a week, which will hopefully help my sluggish feeling. I'll aim to look like this girl, complete with fresh flowers tucked in my handlebars!
image from
I am so happy that an amazing coffee shop opened up in Winnipeg, and even happier that it is within a stone's throw of my office. Tyler and I had a coffee date on our lunch hour one day this week, and it's hands down the best coffee place in the city.
image from Parlour Coffee
All this talk about books, coffee, and rain is making me want to curl up in a big cosy sweater. Not always the thing to do in May, but I know there are lots of sunny hot days on my horizon. In a couple months I'll be begging for sweater weather, when our window air-conditioner is not cutting it in the extreme prairie heat.

I love the colour of this sweater, and how it could bridge the gap between winter and summer. And for $21.97 - how could you go wrong? I might have to head to Forever21 sometime this weekend!
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Forever 21... a guilty pleasure!! I love that store b/c everything is super cute and super affordable!!

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