World's Best Banana Bread


I have tried quite a few Banana Bread recipes, and generally they always turn out pretty well. I had a favourite recipe that I've been using for a few years, but yesterday I thought I would try out something new. Clearly, I have been missing out!! This new recipe was WAY better than the one I've been using for  awhile.

The recipe is from here, and I made a couple changes. I added some cinnamon and vanilla to the batter, and then topped the loaf with a brown sugar/cinnamon dusting. Between the three of us it will be gone by lunch, and I made it less than 24 hours ago. Yum!


Tami Jackson said...

Oh, yummy! Banana bread is one of my favorites!thank you for your comments on my blog. And I would like to award you a blog award! BlogAward @ramblingsofavintagegirl

Nicole said...

holyshmoly. that looks beyond amazing. you have no idea how much i would pay right now to have some delivered to my beside right now. :)

have an awesome weekend friend!

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