Thrifty Weekend


I don't go to thrift stores very often, although I'm often jealous of the great deals and unique pieces people can find thrifting. On Friday night I ventured out to a local GoodWill store and picked up a perfect edition of Trivial Pursuit (for $1.99), something Tyler and I have been looking for for ages. Isn't it strange that they don't sell regular Trivial Pursuit? I wanted to buy it for a christmas present, and I searched everywhere but could only find weird editions - like the Classic Rock version. I'm sure that appeals to a few people... but you think they would still carry a general knowledge version!

Anyways, Friday night was a good experience for me at the GoodWill store, and then I even ventured into a Value Village. That store was a bit too overwhelming, but I did manage to find a FABULOUS pair of baby boots - totally vintage style in white leather with little laces. I can't wait to dress him up in a romper, white socks, and the white booties this summer!

I'd heard about a baby swap meet / sale today and wanted to check it out. I brought along the Littlest and Tyler so I'd have some extra hands to do some shopping with. For $15, check out these amazing little sweaters we got!! It feels like winter today, and even though I am totally a summer person, these sweaters are making me look forward to next winter and cozy fires.

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Tami said...

What great finds! i love them all:)
XO Tami