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I had a very productive day today, since the Littlest Linden was not with me! He has a tendency to slow my plans down, which is not always a bad thing. Today he headed to his grandparents to spend the day hanging out with them. It was a great opportunity for Tyler and I to tackle some projects. I finally painted the dresser in Soren's room, which ended up being a lot more work than I was expecting. It took me about  5 hours to sand, prime, and paint 2 coats. I will have pictures up soon!

Tyler spent the day on the yard, and I can't wait till our flowers start blooming! I definitely don't claim to know anything about gardening, but I do enjoy sitting outside surrounded by flowers and greenery. If I have a cocktail in hand, it's even better! These look like some great places to sip a glass of wine or enjoy a cup of coffee. Note to self - start 'pinning' more images. I just spent the last hour looking for good outdoor images, and I had the hardest time finding anything!! I LOVE the modern pergola below.  We have plans to complete our pergola this year, and I hope it one day looks something like this!

image from marthastewart.com
image from marthastewart.com
image from houseandhome.com
image from hgtv.com

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