Late Night Tuesday


So, Tyler and I have been taking Stained Glass class for about a month now. He surprised me with classes for Valentine's Day (see the explanation here), and we have enjoyed learning a new skill. Is stained glass a skill? Perhaps 'learned a new hobby' would be more appropriate? I don't even know how much we have learned... Anyways - Last night we were in class when the sweetest german lady took everyone's pictures, and emailed them to us this morning. He we are in class!
 I'm not sure Stained Glass is something I plan on keeping up with, but it was fun to do something new with Tyler. Who knows, maybe I will take it up again when I'm 65!

After class we rushed to Safeway to take part in '10% off Tuesdays'. Yes, we are definitely nerds! We were racing through the store to get to the checkout before 11pm. It was a little like that show 'Extreme Couponing' while we were waiting for the savings to come off. After picking up the Littlest from his grandparents, we ended up at home unpacking groceries at midnight on a Tuesday night. Once we transferred the sleeping babe to his crib, I enjoyed a late night dinner/snack of blue-cheese stuffed dates, and Tyler cooked up some sausages. YUM! Sometimes unconventional dinners are the absolute best.

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