I miss you summer!


After an unbelievably warm March, the weather has been cool and rainy for the last couple of weeks. I was looking back through some pictures from last summer, and I can't wait for it to be warm enough to go to the lake again. Soren is going to have so much fun playing in the water and digging in the sand. We are starting to think about summer vacation plans, and due to budget restraints I think we'll stay close to home. It will still be nice to get out of the city on the week-ends, hit up the local farmers markets, and explore all the parks and wading pools around us. I know a couple other members of this household who are going to LOVE being out at the lake in the summer!

Kya, the blond, is 5 and a half. Rupert (the beast) is 3. We got both of them as rescue dogs, and have had countless adventures with them. The Littlest Linden is having more and more fun with them each day. He has figured out how to play with them more, and laughs when they do certain things. Today we went for a walk with Rupert, and Soren held his leash from his stroller. He loved it! I think Rupert behaved better knowing that there was a new boss holding on to him. 

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