High Five For Friday


Lots to love this Friday!

1. Planning the Littlest's First Birthday Party! He doesn't turn one until June, but that doesn't mean I can't get started on the preparations.
image from Grace Graffiti
2. Evenings out with just my husband. Last nights beer and wings were just perfect! Thanks to all of our family who love to baby-sit!
image from here
3. White dresses for summer. I saw this one on the blog vmacandcheese, and I loved the H&M version even more. Sadly, the city I call home still does not have an H&M. Boo.
4. Ladybugs. I think these two are mating. It's not ladybugs so much that I love, but rather the fact that it is warm enough for them to be outside!

5. Taking a train ride with the Littlest Linden. Well, perhaps we are just on the play structure at the park. But look at that wind! In our imaginations we were riding off into the sunset:)

I'm linking up again with Lauren from From My Grey Desk. Happy Friday!

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