Happy Easter - part one


Happy Easter! We have had a very good day so far, and we still have Easter dinner tonight at Tyler's parents. This morning I had a very nice surprise, when the Littlest Linden slept 12 hours straight until 7:30am. When I went into his room he greeted me with a SMILE! This may not be exciting to everyone, but the Littlest in normally very grumpy when he wakes up and greets me with tears and yelling until he starts nursing. It was a nice treat to walk into to a big smiling face.

My parents and my aunt came over for a late brunch, and then we watched some of the Masters. I am not very into golf, but the Masters course in Augusta, Georgia looks sooo gorgeous! I would love to take a trip to Georgia one day, or anywhere in the South for that matter.

I saw these easter cupcakes on the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere a couple of days ago and I HAD to try them! The recipe is originally from Martha Stewart, and I followed it closely but used a boxed cake mix instead. I am thrilled with how they turned out, and will likely be making them in future Easters to come.
 This card is from Soren! When he was at his Grandma Linden's this week he made his first craft! He put the little stickers on himself:)

 Grandpa is the funniest!!
 Amma gave him a new Easter hat. It didn't stay on for long.
I made Blueberry Lemon scones, and dusted them with some blue dyed sugar to add to the Easter festiveness! The recipe is from my favourite - America's Test Kitchen. I think 90% of what I make comes from those cookbooks, and everything always turns out. I don't have a subscription to their website (it's a pay site) but maybe I'll give it a try. For now I just use their cookbooks, of which I have three. All fabulous!

Happy First Easter Soren!! Just for fun, here's a picture of how I looked a year ago.


Brigit said...

He looks adorable in his tie and cap!

Lux said...

Hi Erika,

Your son is cute as a button .
Does he address you as 'Amma'? The reason why i asked is Amma/mom is the word we use to call mom in my mother tongue(My mother tongue is malayalam) and was under the impression that only Indian's(am from india) use that word to address their mother...So was surprised and extremely delighted to hear when you used the same word for mom.

Take care

Erika said...

Hi! Amma is a word for Grandma in Icelandic. I called my Grandma 'Amma' growing up, and I'm happy my son can continue on the tradition. I didn't know it was an Indian word for Mom. Thanks for sharing!