Favourites of the Week


1. I love that the Littlest Linden is starting to enjoy books. Sometimes I will walk into his playroom to see him flipping through one of his books, deep in thought. It's amazing to think of what his brain is absorbing, each and every day.

2. Chicken Enchiladas! The best recipe I've found (and the only one I've tried) is from my tried and true America's Test Kitchen. It is also Soren's absolute, number one favourite meal. His appetite was a little off lately, but it is back on track after last nights dinner. He honestly eats almost as much as me... I can't believe that he only weighs 19 pounds!!

3. This crazy guy... no words are needed! He is into EVERYTHING, all the time! (Notice the little hand prints on the oven door)

4. Rompers. I ordered this vintage one off Etsy and I can't wait to get it!! I love baby boys in rompers...
Etsy shop Hart and Sew
5. Week-ends! This is my last official day of maternity leave, as I will be going back to work on Monday with the rest of the world. I am going to enjoy my last days off:)
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Amanda said...

oh my word, what a wonderful etsy find! i love scoring vintage gems for my little lady. happy weekend to you :)

xo, amanda

Anonymous said...

Wow, back to work? I hope the adjustment isn't too hard on you :(

Check out my blog today, I have an awesome purse-makeover DIY!


Bringing the Beauty to You! said...

What a sweet baby! That is a great photo of your enchiladas. Makes me hungry!

His Little Lady said...

oh this is perfect! i was wanting to make chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight :)
xo TJ