Easter - Part Two


Well, I am definitely stuffed full of chocolate, cupcakes, and other delicious treats. Easter dinner was wonderful, and my mother in laws house looked amazing, as always. There were easter baskets, fresh flowers, and bunnies everywhere you turned. The cats were even dressed up with their Easter bows on!

I loved the easter baskets as place settings. Soren got two baskets. His dinner one was just a miniature of the BIG basket he opened that was full of toys and easter books. He is one lucky baby!
 Checking out the dessert display, as it's being set up.
Two types of cupcakes, multi-colour meringues, and a lemon tort. Not to mention baskets full of chocolate eggs!
 There were so many Easter displays to discover.
 He loves furniture that's his own size. It's funny that babies know immediately that things like that are 'special' for them.
Soren and his favourite cat, Annie. 
 A million toys to pick from, yet somehow the egg carton is the chosen favourite!

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