Door Crashers


Wow! If you want to see some crazy people, head on over to a grand re-opening sale at Canadian Tire!! We had gotten a flier a few days back, and some of the sale items were really good, like a KitchenAid frying pan for $13.97, regular $54.99. The doors opened at 7am, but there was no way I was going to be in line at that hour. Soren and I dropped off Tyler at work, and then headed over to the store around 9:30. There was barely room in the massive, strip-mall super-sized parking lot, which alarmed me a little. Never the less, we found a spot at the back of the lot and headed in with the masses.

There was a line of people waiting to get carts, as the store was out of them. I must say, the employees were really on fire and were RUNNING across the lot to bring back carts. We snagged one (unfortunately without a baby seat strap) and headed in. All of a sudden my mind was spinning with thoughts of 'Do I really need a new Garden Hose? But it's only $3.99... should I save it for when we need it in a few years?' and 'These lifejackets are $20!! No, Soren is a long way from being 50lbs, but he'll need one someday!'

I started piling 'deals' in the cart before coming to my senses and just buying what we came for. Plus a new shoe-rack type thing, and a lawn chair. You can always use a folding lawn chair - right? It's so easy to see why stores have 'door crashers', because very few customers leave with ONLY that one item. Everyone is swayed by the huge signs and mob-type mentality of trying to get the best deal. And if there's only one item left in the big, huge bin? Well, I wouldn't be surprised to see a little scuffle ensue! (Think of the horror stories from Black Friday's gone bad...)

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