A day in the life of...


A 10-Month-Old!! 

It's hard to believe 10 months have passed since I first became a mom... and you have changed SO MUCH!! It's so much fun to play with you these days, and you understand more and more each day. 

Our daily routine goes something like this right now:

7ish - You wake up and start fussing - I get you out of your crib, bring you to our bed, and you nurse for awhile until you get bored and want to PLAY! Sometimes you'll play around in our room, but lately you want me or your dad to get up and take you downstairs or to the playroom. You've learned how to safely get off of our bed which is an important step! You crawl to the edge, look down, and then turn yourself around to go down the right way (backwards).

8ish - I change you and put on some clothes, and we head down for breakfast. I ask you to turn on the lights in all the rooms we go to, which you can do easily with your little pointer finger which is constantly pointing to things! I ask you to turn on the espresso machine, and then I try to put you down in the kitchen so I can make your breakfast. This usually does not go well as you like to to be held at all times in the kitchen. I finally figured out that I think you are worried you might miss a bite of food - gasp - if you are on the floor. After some difficult one-handed manoeuvring, I manage to make myself a cup of coffee, make toast, and get you in your highchair. We both eat toast with jam and some type of fruit - your faves are grapes, blackberries, and kiwi. 

8:30 - After breakfast we usually tidy up the kitchen a bit, maybe throw in a load of laundry, and you start playing. I'll check the weather, the news, my blog, and intercept you whenever you find something dangerous to do. This is often. If we are downstairs you love to look out the window, either to the backyard or to the front street. You stand at the door peering out and yell at whoever might be passing by. If Rupert or Kya are outside you love to watch them, and shout crazy things through the door to them. You open all the drawers and cupboards that are in your reach and pull out everything inside. If I have left something on the table, such as a tablecloth, you would pull it down in a second. You LOVE cords, especially the cables behind the TV. Any books or magazines are pulled off their shelves and tossed aside as quickly as you can grab them. 

10:30 - You are exhausted and go down for your morning nap. I clean up, have a shower, do some cooking, etc. 

12 - Up from your nap you nurse, and then we get ready for lunch. Lots of times your dad comes home for lunch, which is VERY exciting for you! Sometimes you wait for him at the door, other times you will be busy playing, and when you hear the front door open you ask in your sweetest voice 'Da da?' (You say DaDa to almost everything... but it's always asked in the same way when you hear that door opening. I think you know who it is.) We eat lunch together, and you're usually a pretty good eater. Lunch favourites are yogurt, cheese, muffins, leftovers, fruit, and crackers. 

1-3 - We usually try to go out at this point in the day. On thursdays and fridays we head to playgroups, sometimes we go to the park, sometimes we have a playdate with another baby, or else we just go for a walk. 

3 - Time for Nap #2! I usually try to think up a dinner option during this nap and get something prepared. As mentioned earlier, the Littlest is not very happy to entertain himself while I'm in the kitchen, so it's best to do some prep work while he's not with me.

4:30 - Up from nap, a quick nurse, and then you wait for your dad to come home. 

5-6 - We play with Daddy when he comes home, make dinner, go for a walk, do errands, or sometimes visit with a friend. Some days I'll head to the gym, or grab one of the dogs and go for a run/walk. 

6ish - We eat dinner with you as our evening entertainment. I think you like to have both of our undivided attention as you play with your food and toss things to the dogs. We don't make special meals for you, and that's exactly how you like it! You love chili, chicken enchiladas, pasta, stir-fry, ham, sweet potatoes, and pretty much everything else that we put on your tray. Anything you don't like gets tossed to a waiting pup, and you find it HILARIOUS when they eat food out of your hands. 

7ish - After dinner we do some more playing and often some dancing. You love to turn on your little musical frog and start bopping away. You will likely make some quick escapes to the stairs, and then turn around and wait for one of us to chase after you. Eventually we'll let you crawl up all the stairs (with someone spotting you) and we'll turn on the water for your bath. Right now you are in a 'like the bath' stage, but I'm sure this will change again as it has several times already. You don't just sit there splashing quietly... you tend to flip and flop about, trying to drink the water, crawl out of the tub, pull the soap in on top of you, put the cloth over your face, etc. Bath time is often pretty crazy, as we try to keep your head out of the water and most of the water in the tub! Your favourite part of the bath is when you get out, and I wrap you up with a big bath towel. You love to cozy up inside it and peak at yourself in the mirror.

7:30 - A fresh diaper, pyjamas, nursing, and off to bed. With your beloved blanket, of course. So far you only have one thing that you are obsessed with, and that is the blanket your Aunt Brigit crocheted for you. You LOVE that blanket and get so excited every time you see it in your crib. You grab it, wrap your thumb through it, pull it across your face, and start sucking your thumb. Good-night!

It's such a different daily routine than I had a year ago, but it's a lot of fun! I can't wait to see what the next 10 months are like!!

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