Countdown is on


I have less than 3 weeks left until I have to leave this little guy at home, and head back to work.
I go back and forth on my feelings about this. Some days I'm convinced it will be okay, and I will enjoy being back at the office and Soren will love daycare. Other days I feel totally overwhelmed by it all, and feel like the ONLY thing I should be focused on is my baby, and spending every day with him.

As everyone told me, time flies, and he does grow up way too quickly. I'm sad that his baby days are nearing an end, but also excited to see him discover new things and develop his own personality. (These days the personality includes 'no'. He really likes to play this game while eating!)

Through all the fussiness and messy diapers and screaming car-rides, I knew I was lucky to be able to experience it all. I loved being a stay-at-home-mom for almost a year, and hopefully I will get to do it again one day. I am about to transition into a new role of 'working mom' and as much as it scares me, I have hope that it will turn out well in the end. In the meantime, I'm going to play on the floor, chase him up the stairs, walk for hours, and enjoy leisurely lunches with the Littlest. If only the weather would warm up a bit!

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