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I received my first Blog Award! I'm not too sure what this means exactly, but I guess it means that I am making Blog Friends?! How exciting!! So, here is how the game is played:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
2. Write 7 random things about yourself.
3. Spread the love to 15 more bloggers. 

Thank you Tami at Ramblings of a Vintage Girl for tagging me!! Hmm... let me think of some random things about me...

1. Sometimes I read the endings of books... before reading the rest of the book. Occasionally I just can't stand the suspense, and have to peek to see what happens. Then I go back and read the rest of the story! 

2. I love airports. (Unless you're delayed in one for hours) I love the feeling of walking into an airport in one city, knowing that the next time you step outside you will be in another city, or even another country! People-watching in airports is the best, and I always envision where people are going or what they are leaving behind. I actually find travelling alone extremely relaxing, even if there are some minor  delays. Note - travelling with a baby is the complete opposite. 

New Winnipeg Airport - image from here

3. This may have been one of my favourite mornings, ever. We were on our honeymoon in the gorgeous Okanagan Valley, and we stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast. We woke up early to go horse back riding, and the views of the wineries, the lake, and the mountains were amazing. Honeymoons are amazing. I think we should plan a little mini-getaway soon. Sans bebe. A lot of wine drinking and late night dinners would be appreciated!

4. I speak French. Badly, but I can get by if I have to. I usually do better after a glass of wine, or two!

5. One of my favourite foods is Mussels! They are always delicious, but when served with skinny fries they are even better! In Winnipeg my faves are from Bistro 7 and a 1/4
image from here

6. I cannot remember lyrics to songs. Ever. Sometimes I'll think I know the words, but the real lyrics will be SO FAR off from what I was singing it's completely embarrassing. I also have the worlds worst singing voice, so perhaps these two go hand in hand. I would say I'm completely musically impaired, but I did play the piano for years and I can read music. Hopefully the Littlest Linden will skip me on the (lack of) music genes!

7. I played Ringette for about 12 years. 

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Tami said...

Thank you so much for doing this! What fun stuff! Love learning more about you!! I sometimes read the ending of books too. And i sure wish i could speak french, what a beautiful language:)
XO Tami

Maria said...

Hey, thanks for the tag! Cool stuff. I'll have to try and whip something fun up this weekend.

And P.S. I have to say, muscles are high up on my list, too. :)

Megan said...

Thanks for the nomination! I'll have to work this into my post rotation soon. :) Fun!

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for the nomination!!!! Very, very kind of you. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend with the lovely men in your life!

xo, Amanda

Francis said...

Thanks for the tag!