Back to the Office


I will officially be back to work full time, starting in about 9 hours! Crazy. I'm still a little upset about the whole thing, so to cheer myself up I went pretend shopping for a new bag! I was thinking I needed something classic yet fun, and big enough that I could lug around an extra pair of shoes, a water bottle, lots of snacks, and maybe a sweater or scarf. I did a quick browse through Nordstroms, and here are my faves:

Yellow Kate Spade, White Longchamp, Persimmon Michael Kors (also LOVE this one in white), brown weave Steve Madden, and straw weave M Z Wallace 
all images from Nordstroms

I don't think I've ever invested in a good quality bag, but it would probably be worth it. For some reason I don't mind spending money on jeans, jackets, and shoes - and spending the extra money on those items has been worth it (at least for me). Most of my expensive jeans I have had for 4 years or more, and I know I have a few coats that are still looking good well into their fifth and sixth seasons.

For whatever reason, all of my purses and bags are cheap, or knock-offs (also cheap). At the moment they are all piled on the floor of my closet, getting no use at all. I've spent the last year carrying a diaper bag around as my primary purse, and I think it's time to step it up a notch and get something a bit more sophisticated. I'm going to keep my eye out for a sale!!

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