Where was I a year ago?


I was reading a really cute blog, The Magnolia Pair and Britt is doing a Link Up for a series of posts about where you were a year ago. An awful lot has changed for me in one year! Last March I was almost 8 months pregnant, and I obviously looked a little bit different!
I was so, so, so excited to meet the little creature growing inside of me. We didn't find out the gender, so it was a continual guessing game of Boy or Girl. I think I leaned towards Girl for most of the pregnancy, or at least until my labour began. It was such a terrible labour that all of the nurses swore he would be a boy. They claimed boys always make labour extra difficult for their mamas! (I'm sure there are a TON of moms of girls out there who would swear by the opposite...)

The experience of being pregnant was fine, although I didn't LOVE being pregnant the way some women do. It was definitely cool to feel the little guy squirm and kick around, but I think the best part about pregnancy was the anticipation. I was constantly thinking about how it would feel to hold the baby, kiss the baby, play with him, nurse him, etc. It was like waiting for a million christmas's all rolled into one. It's even more fun once you look visibly pregnant, because then it's the first thing people talk about! It's amazing how many strangers will get visibly THRILLED for you when they see that you are pregnant. The world suddenly seems to smile a lot more, from the grocery store clerk to the mailman.

At this time last year I was folding and re-folding all of the little onesies and blankets that I had acquired. I was busy hanging artwork on the nursery walls, setting up the crib, and reading every pregnancy book I could get my hands on. We were finishing up with our labour-prep classes, and we'd purchased some of our big ticket items like the stroller and the carseat. One year ago I was so excited to see what the next few months would bring, and I must say that it just keeps getting better!!

I don't think his little clothes have EVER been folded this neatly since he's been born!!

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Unknown said...

So cute! You are an adorable prenant person! Thank you so much for linking up! I love reading sweet stories like these :)