Trip to the Zoo


We had a great Saturday! This morning I went yoga, and on the way home picked up some croissants from the BEST french bakery. We let the Littlest Linden try a croissant, and he was a big fan. (Not sure who wouldn't like a croissant, though...)

In the afternoon, we joined Tyler and our friend Alex for a trip to the zoo. Before we could see the animals we needed some lunch, so we went to the new Park Cafe, and Soren ate his own pancakes. It was the first time I have ever ordered him something off of the children's menu, but he is eating so much these days I didn't think he would get enough to eat if he shared off our plates.
Then it was off to see the polar bear exhibit. The exhibit is under construction, so we didn't actually see any real, live polar bears. Soren didn't mind.

To warm up, we headed to the tropical exhibit.

Soren loved the flamingos, and waved at them when it was time to leave. Until the next time!


Tami said...

I must say, you have the cutest baby boy ever!! A doll baby, and very photogenic as well:) I always love taking my kids to the zoo. They enjoy it even though they are older now. Great pics!! XO Tami

Taylor Morgan said...

Adorable pics! I want to visit a zoo! That looks fun!