Thursday Random Thoughts


The Winnipeg Jets are playing tonight, so Soren put on his 'My First Winnipeg Jets Tee'. I think he's pretty excited:)

The Littlest Linden is SO MUCH fun these days!! We spent the morning playing together, and he is actually turning into a fun playmate! He's so interactive now, and can make me laugh by purposely 'playing' with me.  This afternoon we walked over to the library, then stopped in at Safeway for some cookies (chocolate chip for me, baby mum-mum's for him), and then stopped in at a coffee shop. On the way home we swung by the park to play on the swings, but Soren didn't like them much today. He made the weirdest face when I put him into it.

The weather is warming up, but I am hoping it is cold enough this week-end for a few last winter activities. I really wanted to go cross-country skiing this winter at LEAST once, but it hasn't happened yet. I think this is about the third year in a row I've had this goal. I would also love to go skating, but I'm not sure how to do this safely with the Littlest Linden. Maybe I can borrow a sleigh to pull him in.

A repairman is booked to come out and (hopefully) fix our hot water heater tomorrow. I can't wait to turn on the taps and get hot water!! As much as I have not enjoyed showering at the gym, it will be wonderful to get to bathe in my own home.

When I started my maternity leave, I thought I would have lots of time to tackle house projects on my year off. Now that the year is nearing an end, I realized I have done practically nothing! Here are some things on my to-do list that I vow to complete before starting back to work full-time:

  • Paint dresser in Soren's room and replace hardware
  • Buy / Sew / or Fix curtains in Soren's room. Sewing his curtains was my first sewing project, and it was a bit of a failure. I learned a few things from it though, and I think I could have a lot better success the second time around
  • Put up curtains in the living room
  • Re-paint cabinets in dining room
  • Clean basement (at least a little)
  • Frame and hang various photos and artwork around the house
  • Spruce up playroom
  • Swap out my old dresser with something (anything) else. It is hideous and we have been meaning to do something about it for years
  • Organize and clean laundry room / mudroom. Install some sort of storage

Lets see if I can cross at least 4 things off this list in March. I will hold myself accountable!!

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Sean Marie said...

You son is so cute! Not sure who the Winnipeg Jets are, but that shirt is adorable!

Newest follower. Hope you have a great weekend. :)