Spring Flowers


image from here

These flowers are beautiful - I love that they are all different heights and they look so lovely in the various glass containers. I also really like the little side table, which reminds me I have some painting to do. It is finally warm enough to go outside, so I think I will tackle one of the items on my To-Do list.

I didn't do a 'Tasty Tuesday' post yesterday, and I'm not sure if I will do them any more. I like posting recipes, but I don't really like feeling like I have to put one up every Tuesday. I created this blog as an online journal and visual reminder of my days at home with Soren. I don't really want it to be scheduled, in any way. Who knows though, something else might strike my fancy and I may try to do another weekly post at some point. For now, I will continue to post whatever inspires me that day!

Today, I am enjoying every minute with the Littlest Linden. My first couple days back at the office were great, and working one day per week is going really well. I missed him yesterday though, and thought about him a lot throughout the day. This morning we slept in, ate a leisurely breakfast, played for a while, and now he's taking his morning nap. I want to tidy up, make a grocery list, and pull out my painting stuff from the basement. Hopefully later today we can go to the park, and I can start on some painting during his afternoon nap or when Tyler comes home. Happy Wednesday!
image from here
Again, I like these flowers but the table looks AMAZING! I would love to see what the whole thing looks like...


Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

I could really use some pretty flowers in my life right about now. I was admiring the most gorgeous ones at the store today, now I'm regretting not getting any!

Tami said...

I love to have fresh cut flowers in my home ! Makes a house a home :) I know what you mean about having to post things. I want the blog thing to be fun, not another job:) it should be fun! Xo Tami