Spring Cookies


I made some delicious sugar cookies yesterday and let the Littlest Linden try one. (I did scape off most of his icing... if that makes it better!) My favourite/easiest sugar cookie recipe I found on Karen's Cookies. I use the Basic Rolled Sugar Cookie recipe and find the dough is easy to work with and rolls well. Some other sugar cookies can be lighter or fluffier tasting, but they are extremely difficult to work with. It's so frustrating to have the cookies break when you are trying to ice them... I'm happy to sacrifice a little bit of taste if it means the cookies with hold up better and end up looking better!

Last night my parents came over to watch the Littlest, and Tyler and I enjoyed a Friday night out. We met friends for dinner and had a really nice evening filled with wine, beer, calamari and steak! It's funny how going out for dinner used to be something we did with out thinking twice, and now it's turned into quite a production. It kind of makes it more special, and something I will not take for granted.

The cookie making put me into a baking mood, which I am pretty much always in, and I'm just finishing up some Spring Cupcakes! The sun is trying to peak out from behind the clouds, and I think it is going to be a wonderful week-end.


Taylor Morgan said...

Amazing cookies! I am serious, you have a really cookie talent! :)



christine donee said...

send me some!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Erika, these turned out so stinkin' cute!!! Wanna drop some in the mail for me!?! :)
Because Shanna Said So

Michelle said...

WOW!! Those cookies are absolutely gorgeous! Almost too pretty to eat...almost. Happy to have found your blog!!

kendra @ little almanac said...

oh my goodness, you are quite the baker!! And your little guy is adorable! I'm so glad you liked our Christmas video over yonder on our blog. It was a fun way to re-cap the year :)