Rocking Chair Re-Vamp

So, after numerous failed attempts at sewing one single cushion, I finally completed one that I liked well enough. I think I had more success with painting, at least compared to sewing. I was given this rocking chair a couple months back, and while I really liked the vibrant red, it didn't go with anything in my house. Also, the cushions were worn and I wasn't a big fan of the cushion tied to the back.
So I dragged out my paint brush, sanded down the red, and gave the chair a couple coats of white paint. 
Much better? I think so! 

I haven't decided if it's going to live in the playroom or the nursery, but either way I think it will get lots of rocking use. I'm looking forward to lots of cuddles and story-time!
The fabric was re-used from an old duvet cover.


psychelyn said...

Yes, it does look better, fresher and neater. :)

Bubble My Licorice said...

Looks so much better :)
great post!!


Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

Glad you fixed it up! Looks great!