Wishful Shopping


Sadly, I can't afford anything new for my wardrobe right now. But sometimes it's almost as much fun to 'pretend' to shop from the comfort of my living room. On the positive side, my lack of funds is forcing me to be more creative with everything that I already own, which can lead to some great new outfits! Here are some things I might buy if I had the chance.

1. J Crew Blythe blouse in neon rose. I also love the royal blue colour!
2. Zappos.com Seychelles Hydrangea
3. Joes Jeans Pink Skinny's
4. Joe Fresh Marine Dress


smk053078 said...

You can always thrift! I have found some AMAZING things at Plato's Closet. Do you have one near you?
Because Shanna Said So

Erika said...

No, I've never heard of Plato's Closet! I just looked it up and it looks amazing. I was thinking I should hit up some local thrift stores... I can usually find some great (cheap) jewellery. Thanks for the suggestion!

Tami Jackson said...

Hi! i just found your blog! Look wonderful!! I am new too the blog world also. Follow if you like.Tami:)http://ramblingsvintage.blogspot.com/ I am going to follow, thanks

Maria @ folksyhome.com said...

I'm playing the wishful shopping game right now, too. No clothing/shoes/accessories at all for lent! I do love that jcrew blouse though :)

Anonymous said...

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