The Valentine's Day Baby


Happy Valentines Day! My mom dressed me up in this silly outfit... 
(which I hastily threw together as he was having his morning nap. I really got into the Valentine's Day spirit after my SURPRISING gift, described below)

Now, let me get this hat off!

For Valentines day, I had planned on making the cinnamon buns I made for Tyler's Birthday. However, when my alarm clock went off at 6:30 this morning I didn't exactly get up. So I was still in bed at 8am when Tyler brought me my Valentines gift. He handed me a magazine with a piece of stained glass on the front, which confused me a little. I might try to do the occasional craft, but stained glass is definitely out of my league! There was a little note on the front of the magazine saying that he had signed us both up to take a Stained Glass workshop! The class runs every Tuesday night for 6 weeks, and he has even organized baby-sitting in advance! I am always saying that I wish the two of us could do more different and interesting things together, and this definitely fits the bill. 

Friends of our have a beautiful antique piece of stained glass in their kitchen, and we have admired it on a few occasions. Tyler decided to look for a piece we could use in our front window, but everything he saw was way too expensive. When he was out on one of his antiquing quests, he started talking to an elderly man who suggested that instead of buying a piece of Stained Glass, he should learn how to make one himself. He found a studio in Winnipeg that offers classes, and signed us up! I am so excited to learn how to do something new together! This has got to be one of the most original Valentine's day gifts ever. Which made me feel bad that I couldn't even get up a couple minutes early to bake some cinnamon buns... I did manage to make them this morning, and they are delicious as an afternoon snack. 

We are off to a hockey game tonight, to watch the Jets take on the New York Islanders. GO JETS!! 


Maria said...

That outfit is adorable! And, my husband is a die-hard Islanders fan, so we're saying GO ISLES!!!! tonight :)

Lola said...

cutest thing I've seen!! XX

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