I'm not a big fan of running. I do it... but it's never that enjoyable. I always hear about some sort of 'runner's high' that people get, but it has always eluded me. Every once in a while, I get the idea that maybe I should start getting more serious about running and start some type of training plan. But unless I had something specific to train for (which I don't), it's pretty easy to give up on it. Which makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I should sign up for some sort of run in a couple months time so that I have a specific goal to train for.

I also get motivation from some blogs I have been reading. Ashley, on (never home) home maker has some great tips on running. And, she just had a baby and she got right back into it!

My biggest motivation is probably new work-out clothes! My go-to store is LuLuLemon. They have THE BEST yoga wear, but their clothes work for all types of exercise, not just yoga. Here are some of the pieces that would make me want to get to the gym.


Jenevieve said...

I've been running fairly regularly since last spring, and even though I enjoy it most of the time, there are certainly days when I have to force myself to put on my shoes, and I can definitely identify with you there.

I use new running clothes as a motivation. I pick an item that I want, choose a goal, and once I reach that goal I feel justified in purchasing that new item. I love the jacket photo, by the way. I might need that to be my new motivation!

Keep it up, and maybe you'll get that "runner's high" eventually. I got my first one after running a 5 mile loop trail run, which I had never done before. Oh, and that was after I had been running regularly for 8 months!

-Courtney Lane- {blog} said...

I'm not a running fan at all. But I do the elliptical! And I totally agree. New work-out clothes would totally help my motivation too :)