Littlest Linden Things


Here are some things that the Littlest Linden has been up to!

  • He is learning how to wave 
  • He survived his first bout of the stomach flu. It was sad... perhaps more so for me than for him
  • He's talking a lot, in his own baby way. We wake up to 'dana...DA!...gagagaga...nana...dadada' etc. It's fun going into his room and seeing him chattering away in his crib
  • His new favourite food is blackberries. Unfortunately, this is about the messiest food there is! After eating them he usually needs a bath
  • He dances. We were at baby rhyme time the other day, and the instructor started singing a song. Soren had crawled away from me and was sitting directly in front of her, by himself, and as soon as she started in on the little song he started bopping away. Pretty cute!
  • He stands on absolutely everything! We have little hand prints on the tv, the coffee table, the fridge, windows, etc. I think I am going to be buying a lot of Windex over the next few months

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Lisa @ MMT said...

Oh my! He is just too cute!