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Speed skating: Dutch skaters Lijkle Poepjes and B. van der Zee standing ready for the start of a skating race in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands), 1914. 

I'm watching my brother on TV right now! Last week he raced in the World All Round Championships in Moscow, and CBC is broadcasting the races right now. Stefan has been training for years, and this has been his best year so far. It's very exciting to watch him race against the strongest skaters in the world. 

Tomorrow, my mom and aunt are off to Amsterdam to watch Stefan skate in the World Cup All Distances next week-end. While I've been to the Amsterdam airport several times, that is the closest I've gotten to spending any time in the Netherlands. It has always been a country that I would like to visit, so I'll be looking forward to hearing about all of their travel tips when they return. 

I love the vintage speed skating image that I found, above. Vintage sports pictures always strike me because it looks so much like the athletes are playing a game. Some sports have become so technical now, that it doesn't always look like the athletes are having fun. Can you imagine a speed-skater showing up to a race now in baggy pants?! 

Here are some images of vintage athletes that struck me.

She won the gold in 1908, at the age of 53. Still the oldest female gold winner at an olympic games!

These shorts look a little inappropriate! 1899

Roller Skating, 1905

Football Player for Georgetown, 1911

Girls Rifle Team, 1922

The first Tour de France, 1903
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