Cake Pops


I am going to a 30th Birthday Party tonight, and I wanted to try out some delicious Cake Pops that I have seen in cupcake stores. They are actually pretty easy to make, and I can imagine making them as decorations for lots of different events. I think the hardest part might be coming up with creative ways to display them!

I adapted a recipe that I found on Bakerella. What a cute site that is! I found lots of great ideas that I can't wait to try out. I wanted to make Red Velvet Cupcakes, but unfortunately the grocery store was out of the boxed mix. (I normally make cakes from scratch, however this recipe called for cake mix from a box, so I figured it would be easier.) I had to settle for Chocolate Fudge, which I baked last night before bed. Boxed cakes are so, so, so easy to make!!

Cake pops just out of the freezer
Cake pop Birthday Cake!

I think it looks festive... even if my critics might think it looks a little sloppy! I think I will have fun with these in the future.

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