A Wonderful Wedding


Yesterday I went to The Wonderful Wedding Show with a good friend who is getting married this summer. We ate some delicious cake, sipped a little pinot grigio, and watched the wedding fashion show (which was un-inspiring). We did get some great ideas - specifically to do with Burlap! I definitely want to try and incorporate burlap into decorating ideas around our house. I love weddings, even though the whole wedding industry is a little bit over the top. I couldn't help but reminisce about my wedding... which was over 2 years ago! Here are some pictures from a lovely day back on September 19, 2009.

My friends decorated the cake at the very last minute... and it turned out great!

At the eleventh hour we realized we didn't have table numbers (as in 11am on the actual wedding day). A quick trip to the drugstore gave me a burst of inspiration, and we used vintage cards to make the table numbers. Well, vintage inspired, as they were bought new!

For the favours, I made home-made chocolate chip cookies and packaged them in cute little card-board boxes. I had baked them in Winnipeg, and the wedding was 2000 kilometres away in BC. On the 3-day drive, I packaged the cookies in cooler bags and frequently re-packed the ice. At night, when we checked into hotels, I took them out and put them in the hotel fridge or bathtub filled with ice. I had a lot of complements on them, so I think the effort to transport them across the country was worth it! I had also wanted to fly out the wedding cake from my favourite bakery in Winnipeg, but the bakery said no. After a bit of searching I found a FABULOUS cake designer in Vancouver, and then only had to transport the cake on a ferry ride (as opposed to a plane). 

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