Open or Closed?


We live in a 100 year old house, and 100 years ago people apparently did not require a lot of storage! While our house is definitely large enough for the three of us, storage in some areas is lacking. Our bathroom is literally about 25 square feet, which includes the shower/tub combo. Luckily, it was designed well and I love all of the 25 square feet, even though I wish there were a few more feet of storage.

We have a really large upstairs landing, which the bathroom opens off of. A few months back, I decided to move an old bookcase to landing, with the hope of creating some much needed storage. I think it was a move well made! The storage unit (which is supposed to be an entertainment unit) can be configured in a number of different ways so it's actually perfect for both bath stuff and linens.
Upstairs hallway
  • Note - I don't know anything about photography. Tyler knows way more than me, and he has been trying to teach me some basics. (He thinks I'll embarrass myself by posting bad pictures.) But... I am too impatient to listen to him. So I am failing one of my New Years Resolutions. Please excuse my bad pictures until I take the time to listen to my husband, and learn how to take a decent shot!

Which gets me to my point, do you prefer Open or Closed shelving? For the most part, I like open, although there are some areas where I would always like to have some closed doors. When you see magazine spreads with gorgeous open shelving, I always wonder where the ugly roasting pan is hiding. Here are some shelving inspirations!

image from The Marion House - here
image from Domestic Reflections - here
image from Pinterest

image from Apartment Therapy - here


Maria said...

Wow, do I ever feel you on the bad pics. I'm a crap photographer (for now!), but don't worry it's not embarrassing ;).

As to the shelves, I like a mix of both. I find that open shelving can look messy if everything isn't at least color coordinated/in the same palette. Most of our stuff is too hodgepodge for open shelving, so I do a mix. Out of sight out of mind!

I like those shelves on your landing, maybe add some baskets to hide toiletries if you don't want to be looking at them all the time?

Erika said...

Thanks for the basket idea! I have been meaning to pick some up one of these days... I love baskets for stashing things. At the moment all of my baskets are filled with baby toys. I think I have one in practically every room!