The Littlest Swimmer


Soren had his first swimming class today! Unfortunately, the kiddie pool was closed due to a 'pool fouling' so we had to go in the big, COLD, pool.

Soren practiced putting his face in the water...

But didn't like it when he accidentally inhaled a big gulp of water! 

At least it ended well! Soren's favourite part was all the singing, especially his best song 'The Grand Old Duke of York'. Speaking of songs, Soren started dancing today! I will have to post a video of the little guy busting some moves soon. At first we thought it was just a fluke, but it quickly became apparent that he was really trying to dance. I can only hope he doesn't inherit his dancing skills from me... (I think I was probably the kid who got moved to the back corner in my pre-school concerts.)

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