Cold as Ice


As I may have mentioned a couple days ago, it is beyond freezing here in Winnipeg! I have been hibernating for the past few days, but had to leave the house today for Soren to get his flu shot. Poor guy, shots are never fun. I took him to his playgroup afterwards and I think he forgot about it. Babies are so resilient! When I had the flu shot last month I complained about my sore arm for two days.

Here is a picture taken out my back window. It was too cold to actually venture outside to take a shot. Brr... it makes me shiver just looking at it!
While browsing through some blogs this afternoon, I stumbled on this image, which is pretty much the polar opposite to the one above. It made me think of spring, warm days, swimming, picnics, and sundresses.
Italian Soda
image from here
It looked so delicious I decided to make it! I didn't have any blood oranges on hand, so I used grapefruits. It's super easy to make - just mix simple syrup, fresh squeezed juice, and sparkling water together and pour over ice. (I didn't know how to make simple syrup, but all you do is boil 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar together until the sugar dissolves.) We contemplated adding some gin to make it a cocktail, but ended up drinking it as a mocktail. I will have to remember this if I am ever pregnant again, as it's very difficult to find non-alcoholic drinks that are not too sweet or over the top. Cheers to a summery cocktail in January!


Erika said...

That looks so good. I really want some now.

Anyway, that is hilarious that your husband is named Tyler and you are Erika (with a K even!) and have a 7 month old baby (us too!)...So weird! But, really, that made my day.

Your little guy is so adorable!

Maria said...

We are about to get snowed in tonight, and I just got home from the market with 4 grapefruits...kismet? Thanks for the inspiration!